CleanKey is a handheld device that was created to help prevent the spread of harmful viruses and lead us towards a contactless, germ-free lifestyle. Our unique design allows users to effortlessly open and close doors, press buttons, carry shopping bags, and much more! 

Our product offers you a safer, cleaner way to operate in your day-to-day life. It will provide peace of mind knowing that you are avoiding contact with publicly shared door handles, elevator buttons, ATM machines, etc.  
Let’s work together to help prevent the spread of harmful germs and viruses!

Why Aluminum?
Aluminum is lightweight, extremely sturdy, and 100% recyclable. We finished our product with anodizing and sandblasting to increase durability, enhance aesthetic qualities, and resist scratching.

We wanted to ensure we had the highest quality hygienic tool on the market!


The CleanKey Can Be Used For

Opening and closing doors

ATMs and gas station keypads

PIN pad machines

Cross-walk and elevator buttons

Vending machine buttons

Carrying shopping bags, boxes, etc. (can carry over 70lbs in weight!)

Flushing toilets

Opening trash bins

Opening mailboxes

And much more!​

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