MONQ- Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers


$15.00 $26.99

What is MONQ?

MONQ devices are personal aromatherapy diffusers that vaporize essential oils and release aromatic water vapor to provide all the benefits of aromatherapy. They are designed for adults looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle complemented by aromatherapy anywhere.®


How to use it

  1. Remove your MONQ personal aromatherapy diffuser from its white protective case.
  2. Press your lips to the end opposite of the jewel.
  3. Breathe in your mouth, like you are sipping from a straw. Do not inhale to your lungs.
  4. Breathe out your nose.


Each MONQ is composed of an 80% organic, coconut-derived vegetable glycerin base and 20% essential oil blend.

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