Sometimes a clothing piece arrives and it's not up to the quality of what we believe in at Sweet Boutique. We want you to go home with your item looking like perfection! At the same time, we don't believe these clothes need to be wasted because of a small hole or stain. This is where you can get a few pieces that might need a little extra love. Sometimes all that is needed is a bit of Grandma's Spot Remover! These items have been discounted in reflection of their flaw, and hope to find a home to fix them up, or don't mind a hidden hole. 

None of these items have been worn and we try to get the best photos of the imperfection so you know exactly what you're purchasing. They are online, and also in store if you want to take a closer look. Check the item description to find the flaw, because sometimes they're tiny and not noticeable. All of these items are final sale. 

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